My abilities

My Abilities

Learning every day, I am a very wide and broad driven person. I want to know as much from anything that I find interesting.

Media Designer

I design in the widest meaning of the word. Websites, logos, print assets, 3D booths and more.

Film & Video Editing

I film with several different camera's, for events and Streaming shows. I edit videos in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


I shoot with a Canon 5D IV to cover the experience of the event. I really like to capture the emotions of the crowd and the details of products.


Creating appealing marketing campaigns that are effective on the target group that is being focused.

People Person

When working in a team, I tend to be a very kind person whilest still being strict. I give people compliments and believe in positive delegation.

Event Management

Leading an event is a really great passion of mine. I like to take lead and control all the hundreds of small details that need to beĀ arranged and see them all come together at the hard event date.

Esports Fanatic

I have an extended knowledge about gaming and specifically esports. Organising tournaments in all esports games, reaching the gaming target group, setting up stream productions and giving the best experience for viewer and contestant.

Product Proces

I have worked in all phases a product proces has to go through. From design/concept, to production, to distribution and aftercare. I really like to work in a structured "phased" environment to keep control of the complete proces.


Film & Video Editing66%



Product Proces76%

Event Management72%